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    This membership applies to the setting up of your DSAR Compliance Policy plus your Privacy Policy and includes all Digital Assets (Features & Modules) managed 24/7:


    1: Custom Branded DSAR Compliance Policy.
    2: Certificate of Registration to display in public spaces.
    3: QR Code to display in public spaces.
    4: Embedment Codes to place on your websites.
    5: Custom URL Link to place on all your social media pages.
    6: Embedded Modules including unlimited incoming/outgoing:
    6.1: Consents.
    6.2: Data Breaches.
    6.3: Cyber Security Threats.
    6.4: Data Subject OptOut Requests.
    6.5: Data Subject Portability Requests.
    6.6: Data Subject Erasure Requests.
    6.7: Data Subject Correction Requests.
    6.8: Data Subject Access Requests.
    6.9: Data Subject Restriction Requests.
    6.10: Data Subject Objection Requests.
    6.11: Data Subject Right To Be Informed Requests.
    6.12: Data Subject Communication Options inc. Email, Post, Phone, Privacy Officer and Supervisory Authority.
    7: Your Embedded Privacy Policy Link.
    7.1: Privacy Policy Managed Updates.
    8: 24/7 Monitoring & Support.
    9: Data Privacy Executive.
    10: Postal Address within the European Union.
    11: Ticket Support.
    12: Management Portal.
    13: Managed Reminders & Notifications.
    14: Archives & Recorded Logs.
    15: Your own custom domain name
    16: Unlimited hosting.
    17: Unlimited data/document storage.
    18: Fixed Price Annual Membership Guarantee for 5 Years.
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