Our Price, Quality & Service Guarantee
Take advantage of our offer while it lasts. Normally €1500 per year. For a limited time, only €495 per year. We will happily give you your money back if you find an equivalent service at a lower price, fully managed 24/7 including all future upgrades.
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Who Must Be GDPR Compliant?
Any entity (any person, business, organization, including public and government office) that collects or processes personal data from any person in the European Union. This includes activities such as selling, promoting, monitoring, tracking and/or servicing individuals from the European Union via you website, social media pages, email campaigns and software; both online and offline.
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What You Get
☑ 24/7/365 Managed Service
☑ 24/7/365 Monitored Service
☑ 24/7/365 Notification Service
☑ European Union Representation
☑ European Union Postal Address
☑ European Union Contact Number
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Consents
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Access Requests
☑ Unlimited Data Subject OptOut Requests
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Portability Requests
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Erasure Requests
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Correction Requests
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Restriction Requests
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Objection Requests
☑ Unlimited Data Subject Right To Be Informed Requests
☑ Unlimited Incoming Data Breach Notifications
☑ Unlimited Privacy Policy Managed Updates
☑ GAP Assessments
☑ DPIA Assessments
☑ Third Party Assessments
☑ Data Collection Assessments
☑ Individual Assessments
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Why You Will Trust Us
Designed by privacy experts and instructional designers with decades of experience, DSAREU is built to meet and demonstrate your GDPR compliance without the complexity. It's our business to help your business manage compliance with the GDPR.
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Who Am I?
My name is Emin Hasic and this is my story. I have been delivering Privacy and Data Protection Compliance for over 30 years. I have worked with global companies, government and business owners, managing their privacy, security and governance in a regulatory environment that is constantly changing. My attitude is one which comes from a culture of compliance and not a culture of reliance.
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What You Get
☑ Data Collection Assessments
☑ Individual Assessments
☑ Project Assessments
☑ Assessment Compliance Ratings
☑ GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy
☑ Custom Branded DSAR Compliance Policy
☑ Certificate of Registration to display in public spaces
☑ QR Code to display in public spaces
☑ Embedment Codes to place on your websites
☑ Custom URL Link to place on all your social media pages
☑ Embedded Email Module
☑ Embedded Privacy Policy Link
☑ Unlimited Sub Domains
☑ Unlimited Social Media Sites
☑ Ticket Support
☑ Management Portal
☑ Managed Reminders & Notifications
☑ Archives & Recorded Logs
☑ Custom domain name
☑ Regular Free Security Advice & Tips
☑ All Hosting Included
☑ Rewarding option to become a DSAREU Ambassador
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