We do not place limits on how many DSAR’s you send as long as you do not use this facility to spam or for illegal activities, otherwise your details will be forward to the appropriate policing authorities and you will be permanently blocked.

No. We don’t have any hidden fees and strictly reply on the donations of third parties; in kind or monetary. DSARlive aims to keep this service free of any charges to you, unless it becomes a financial liability. Should this change, we will notify you well in advance.

Absolutely not as it goes totally against our principles and purpose of existence.

IF and only IF we ever decide to want to use YOUR personal data for ANY other purpose, we WILL first contact you. If YOU give us YOUR EXPLICIT CONSENT, then we will, otherwise WE WON’T!

If it is a Open Service, then any replies you have with the entity receiving your original DSAR via our platform, you will use your own email service provider.

If it is a Member Service, then you will be able to use the inbuilt communication and tracking options including other features.

In many cases the answer is Yes, always remembering its only general advice and not legal advice.

No we do not provide legal advice, but we could recommend you to entities which do and specialise in this field from a legal perspective.

Yes it is.

We endeavour at all times in maintaining a high standard of security for any personal data stored on our systems, keeping in mind that in the digital world we are living in, nothing is ever bullet-proof, and that’s the honest truth.

Anyone stating 100% security is selling you a myth and a service which is impossible to deliver.

Go to the MAIN MENU ✚ and select ARCHIVES 

The EDPB are actually very helpful and a really nice group of people. Simply send an email addressed to the EDPB Secretariat via the following email address: [copy][/copy]

In most cases the Supervisory Authorities. If the matter ends up in the courts, then the applicable courts would decide.

It is always nice to see people interested in helping the DSARlive service, and we thank you for that. Following are the three ways you can help us.

  1. Promote our service to your family and friends so they can also regain control of their identity and personal data. Simply click over the following link and paste it in your emails, sms, social media platforms etc. [copy][/copy]
  2. Provide us with translations (in kind) of our service in other languages. Contact us via our Compliance Policy to find out how. CLICK HERE
  3. Send in a donation (of your choice) so we can maintain this service free of charge. CLICK HERE

As much as we would like, the short answer is no. Everyone involved does so ‘in-kind’ and because they believe and want to see this service active, free and available to all indefinitely.

Contact us via our Compliance Policy to and tell us how you would like to get involved with DSARlive and what you can bring to the table. CLICK HERE

Someone we respect immensely, backed by his 30 years experience and service to the industry on a global scale has made this possible. We had the idea and our DPO made it a reality.

His name is Emin Hasic and can be contacted via our Compliance Policy: CLICK HERE or if its not related to DSARlive via his own Compliance Policy: CLICK HERE

Get in touch with GDPA and they will guide you fairly and correctly. They are an amazing group. CLICK HERE

To become a DPO, you need the following 3 key traits:

LEVEL OF EXPERTISE: You will need to understand how to build, implement and manage data protection programs as this is an essential component. The more complex, or high-risk, the data processing activities are, the greater the expertise of the DPO will need to be.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITIES: DPOs do not have to be lawyers, but must have expertise in National and European Data Protection Law such as the GDPR. From a practical perspective, DPOs must have a reasonable understanding of the organisation’s technical and organisational structure and be familiar with information technologies and data security.

ABILITY TO EXECUTE: DPOs should demonstrate integrity and high professional ethics and delivery compliance with applicable Data Privacy Regulations such as the GDPR, APP, CCPA, etc.

If you are feeling disheartened then don’t. Get in touch with GDPA and find out how they can help you achieve your ambition in becoming a Data Protection Officer (DPO). In the case you did not know, there is a massive global shortage of quality DPOs, and this is where GDPA can give you the edge. Contact GDPA today to find out more: CLICK HERE,

There’s extensive opportunity for someone seeking a data privacy career. LinkedIn currently offers over 100,000 open positions for “data privacy jobs”. There are more than 85,000 opportunities advertised on Glassdoor. One interesting aspect of a career in data privacy is the various paths you can take, example:

  • Data Privacy Specialists often manage day-to-day compliance tasks, including privacy assessment documentation like Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs).
  • Data Privacy Managers may work to map organisational data flows, enhance data privacy training and awareness across an organisation’s business units and employees, and monitor and flag potential privacy risks and provide appropriate resolution.
  • Data Privacy Analysts build solutions and automated controls that support the organisation’s privacy infrastructure for the more technically inclined.
  • Data Privacy Officers are responsible for educating the company and its employees about compliance, training staff involved in data processing, and conducting regular security audits. DPOs also serve as the point of contact between the company and any Supervisory Authorities (SAs) that oversee activities related to data.
  • Data Privacy Auditors assess procedures to ensure that an organization’s goals and promises of privacy and confidentiality are supported by its practices, thereby protecting confidential information from abuse and the organization from liability and public relations problems.
  • Data Privacy Executives are rare but do exist and carry the qualities, expertise, knowledge and years of practice encompassing the skill-sets of Data Privacy Specialists, Managers, Analysts, Officers and Auditors.

GDPA is the Global Data Protection Agency.

Simply put, they provide the Software, Education and Support (SES) to everyone when it come to Data Privacy Compliance worldwide.

We sincerely thank them for the SES they have provided and continue to provide (in-kind) to us.

Here is a short video about them which you will enjoy and find of great benefit.